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Hi I'm Alex,

I am a corporate coach and brand strategist. My passion is the further development of supply and demand.

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Supporting companies in developing their external presentation is my main target. A clever communication concept and smart marketing mix from the inside to the outside is the key. My expertise will guide you to more successful expansions in all markets that make sense. I live my profession for almost 2 decades and still love new challenges!


World Youth Forum - Egypt 2019

The World Youth Forum is attended by a wide range of participants, including and not limited to heads of states and government, international young leaders, inspiring youth in various fields, prominent international figures and youth groups from around the world. Experience more about my participation at WYF 2019 and get to know me in other topics here at my blog...

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My Attitude

“Marketing is not an invention of Apple, but an economic way of thinking - strategic, target group focused, from the inside to the outside.”

My offer as a marketing expert

I'm passionated in supporting smaller companies and self employees.

Together we find the right language and communication tools. We define the best offerings and services and search for the most attractive pricings.

Your target groups will always stay in focus, your vision clear and your goals in reach. A clever SEO solution on top and a wonderful offline personality will sustainably strengthen your brand.

Let’s get started with understanding each other. We find the right way through all the following steps for more success and happiness.

  • First interview

    Free first interview

    We get to know each other and talk about strengths and pain points of your brand!

  • Getting to know each other

    Getting to know each other

    Every company is in a different situation. It is defined by its size, its market, its industry, its employee qualifications and much more. With the following questions we will create a clear picture of how your company is positioned in the market. All answers will lead to a marketing specific step forward.

    • How is your brand positioned inside and out?
    • How is your brand perceived by customers, prospects and employees?
    • What about your online presence in general?
    • How does your website work?
    • How are you found online & offline?
    • What "language" do you speak?
    • What do you want to achieve with your communication?
    • What have you achieved so far with your entire marketing mix?
    • How aware are you of the direct connection between product, price, distribution channels and advertising measures?
    • How strongly are your processes, your external impact and especially your employees involved in your marketing strategy?
    • How should your target group perceive your brand?
  • We start a marketing conception and define actions

    We start a marketing conception and define action

  • We realize an efficient project planning

    We realize an efficient project planning

  • We organise a practicable implementation control

    We organise a practicable implementation control

  • We check out further adjustments and optimization

    We check out further adjustments and optimization

  • We run technically verifiable analyzes

    We run technically verifiable analyzes

  • We celebrate results!

    We celebrate results!

"Thanks to the cooperation with Alex Hauk and his holistic marketing approach, 50% more enquiries and 30% more bookings were generated in 2019!"

Thomas Bacher [eng.]

Leiter Kongresszentrum - Print Media Academy, Heidelberg

“A fair partner, levelheaded & a strategic mastermind”

Yasmin Da Costa [eng.]

CEO - Yes! Consulting GmbH, Ingolstadt

"Alex manages incredibly well to get the message across clearly and understandably. His high competence in marketing cannot be overlooked and has helped us to focus on the target group."

Andreas Straub [eng.]

CEO - Evelan GmbH, Hamburg

Supporting, pushing & leading to new ideas, that's one of Alex's main strengh. Thank you for your open thoughts and strategies to set me on a different marketing level.

Franzisca Schadel [eng.]

Personal Trainer & Medical Coach - Franziska Schadel, St. Anton

My experience

“Marketing people are in the same dilemma as teachers. Many people think to know how it works, because they joined school once or have seen ads.”

Cooperation Services

Full service digital capabilities from end to end.

One of the first things you should know about us is that we don't do everything. But what we do, we do well.


    Websites, Ecommerce, Mobile Apps & Installations

    Websites, Ecommerce, Mobile Apps & Installation

  • SEO & SEA

    Search Marketing, Social Media, Data & Analytics

    Be relevant, Be smart, Be where customers will find you.

  • Social Media

    Video, Photography, 3D Animation & Motion Graphics

    Video, Photography, 3D Animation & Motion Graphics

My Credo

What is important for creative work?


Allowing ideas & dreams - spinning on ideas! - discard ideas - allow new ideas - write down ideas - let ideas rest and work - pick up your ideas again - tackle and implement ideas - celebrate your ideas & successes

Courage & Will

should not be mixed up with motivation! Many people mistake that! Often people are fully motivated, but do not have their fear under control! There is a big need for courage and will to tackle and pull decisions that were made through actions.


Being crazy means to me looking out of the box emotionally. Some people quickly call me crazy or chaotic. I like to try unconventional things. I think there's a lot of energy behind moving and changing things. And if you want to change things for the better, you should adhere to basic moral rules, but not to all social norms that serve to secure the system, but not its further development.

Conclusion: Thinking, doing, having fun, listening and taking care without losing the urge to really want to change things even the world!

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