Alex Hauk - Performance Support

Dec 1, 2019

My preparations for WYF 2019

There are no guidelines! Through a registration process you were released and qualified for the big event in Sharm El-Sheikh. When I was admitted I immediately got the access pass for the congress, my flights were booked automatically and accommodation was provided. My contact persons, who I already know from the pre-event in Heidelberg, take care of me a lot, especially when the online support seems a bit overburdened with questions and technical problems. An extraordinary situation. I am slowly getting very excited about this upcoming event.

For general preparation I check my camera equipment and get an extra stable mono tripod, an extra 5 TB external hard disk and a gimbal for my smartphone. I want to be prepared for all situations. On the one hand I think about providing on social media, but on the other hand I want to report on this blog and on YouTube videos. I imagine a good mixture of interviews, reports and side scenes. I'm curious how much I can show about the environment and the country as far as possible.

Think about a drone. Ok, somewhere must be good. Maybe I can borrow one there, too. Direct access to the local media team would also be very exciting. After all, they already had to cope with my unfiltered video data from Heidelberg. Back then, they instantly requested material for their channels. I'm very curious to see how this will be done on site. I would like to manage and edit my video content myself. But I need time to do this, a good work flow...

The questions are piling up: What can be done even faster and easier with smartphone apps? What quality standards should I expect? Does everything have to go super fast or can you take some time for good information? How much time do I take to make portraits and other photos? How much do I put myself in the centre, in front of the camera or even in the seminars? - I believe I would bring enough topics, experiences and opinions with me. To what extent do my previous knowledge of intercultural communication helps me? These are all questions that occupy me very much, cause I feel a high demand on myself and want to live up to the responsibility I impose on myself. I would like to discuss many of my uncertainties today with Janina. I met her in Rastatt to talk to her about her work flow as a journalist. The following insights resulted from our conversation. Check out the next article.