Alex Hauk - Performance Support

Aug 11, 2020

Shooting Börni

It's easy to shoot attractive ladies...

Yes and no!

One sunny afternoon with Börni shooting...

In fact, if you take pictures of somebody it is always your duty to show the personality and the beauty of a person. No matter if she or he fullfills the stereotypes of a very good looking human.

In my opinion everybody has an ecstatic side no matter how people would judge normaly. The responsipility of a good photographer is to realize this personal look and freeze it on his camera. If you do professional photos your first steps are if you get infront of a model you need to understand his character and built up trust very fast.

The main work is done if you handel a person or group very sensitivly and if you find the right words during finding the right location, angle and pose for your motiv.

Börni is a real talent not only musicvise as a singer and song writer but also in creating herself as a exciting person. Her deep thoughts fit into her crazy colorfull suroundings and styles like the cherry on the cake. It is a pleasure to work with her being on the point, creative, different and always a bit extra ordinary.